Discover Global and American Cuisines

Snyder County Libraries are excited to offer our patrons access to two exceptional culinary databases: A to Z World Food and A to Z Food America. These comprehensive resources bring a world of flavors and food culture right to your fingertips, making it easier than ever to explore new recipes and learn about diverse culinary traditions.

A to Z World Food

A to Z World Food is the world’s largest collection of international recipes and global food culture. With over 6,500 recipes from 174 countries, you can explore everything from Albanian byrek to Zimbabwean matemba. This database also features 1,200 articles on national and regional cuisines, dining etiquette, and special occasion foods, along with 650 ingredient articles that provide in-depth information linked to recipes worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting in the kitchen, A to Z World Food has something to inspire your next meal.

A to Z Food America

For those who are passionate about American cuisine, A to Z Food America is the perfect resource. It offers an extensive collection of recipes from all 50 states, covering a wide range of dishes that define American culinary diversity. From Southern comfort foods to New England seafood, this database celebrates the rich and varied food traditions across the United States. You can also find fascinating articles on regional cuisines, food culture, historical recipes, and more, providing a deep dive into the culinary heart of America.

How to Access

Accessing these databases is simple. Just log in using your library card number in the format PL3231XXXXXX. Whether you’re planning a special dinner, looking to expand your cooking repertoire, or simply curious about global and American food culture, these resources are invaluable tools for culinary exploration.Visit the Snyder County Libraries website today and start your culinary adventure with A to Z World Food and A to Z Food America. Happy cooking!

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