Borrowing Meeting Rooms at Gelnett Library

Gelnett Library offers excellent facilities for community meetings and study sessions, including the Keystone Room and a quiet study room. Here’s how you can reserve these spaces for your next meeting or study group.

Keystone Room

The Keystone Room is a spacious conference room that comfortably seats 10-12 people. It is equipped with a television that can broadcast presentations from personal devices, making it ideal for business meetings, workshops, or group projects.

How to Reserve

Due to a shared arrangement with the Selinsgrove Borough Office, the Keystone Room must be reserved in advance. You have three convenient options for making a reservation:

  1. Call: Contact the library at 570.374.7163.
  2. Visit: Stop by the circulation desk at the Gelnett Library.
  3. Borough Office: Make a reservation through the Borough Office secretary.

By planning ahead and reserving the room, you ensure a professional and equipped space for your gathering.

Quiet Study Room

For smaller groups or individual study, the Gelnett Library offers a quiet study room. This cozy room seats up to 4 people and provides a serene environment for focused work or small group discussions.

How to Reserve

The quiet study room can be reserved by:

  1. Calling: Dial the library’s number at 570.374.7163.
  2. Stopping by: Visit the circulation desk during library hours to book the room.

Important Notes

  • Advance Booking: It’s recommended to book as early as possible to secure your preferred time slot.
  • Check Availability: Always confirm availability by contacting the library or Borough Office.

Both rooms provide valuable resources for the community, ensuring you have the space and tools needed for productive meetings and study sessions. The staff at Gelnett Library is always ready to assist you with your reservation needs.

Visit or call today to make your reservation and take advantage of these excellent facilities!

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