Staff Members

Staff Members

  • Pamela Ross, Snyder County Libraries Executive Director
    • (570) 374-7163, ext. 2
  • Sherri Sellers, Beavertown Community Library Branch Manager
    • (570) 658-3437
  • Joe Hall, McClure Community Library Branch Manager
    • (570) 658-7700
  • Shirley Carroll, Middleburg Community Library Branch Manager
    • (570) 837-5931
  • Marc Angstadt, Cataloging and Circulation
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 103
  • Bethann Aten, Circulation and Programming
    • (570) 374-7163, ext. 1
  • Lubow Frey, Family Place Coordinator
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 109
  • Janis Gemberling, Finance Assistant
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 104
  • Jeff Kuehnert, Head of Circulation
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 1
  • Jean Holt, Middleburg Branch Librarian
    • (570) 837-5931
  • Emilee Fitch, AmeriCorps
    • (570) 374-7163, ext. 1

Board of Trustees

Snyder County Library Board of Trustees

  • Bob Bertram (President)
  • Marsha Lemons (Vice President)
  • Heather Rowe (Treasurer)
  • Janet Latchford (Secretary)
  • Jane Faherty
  • Anne Gates
  • Betse Humphrey
  • Brian Knepp
  • Camille Shawver

Position Openings

Assistant Director Position:

Snyder County Libraries, Inc. is currently searching for an Assistant Director, to work with the Executive Director and all library staff, providing high quality library services at all 4 Snyder County Libraries and through home-based and community-based outreach programs.  The ideal candidate will have a positive and inclusive leadership style, be creative, innovative, flexible, detail-oriented, able to meet deadlines, work efficiently and comfortable with fundraising.

This is an ideal opportunity for both new and more seasoned librarians, which encourages professional growth and development. The new Assistant Director will report to the Executive Director, but will have a great deal of autonomy.  We are an ever-changing and ever-adapting organization.  Our goal is to look at the strengths of the current Executive Director and Assistant Director candidates, determining how to divide responsibilities to best serve the libraries and patrons, as well as provide for a satisfying work-life for the leadership team.

The Rudy Gelnett Library (Selinsgrove) is the headquarters library for the Snyder County Libraries, with branches in Middleburg, Beavertown and McClure, and online at  The county has about 38,000 residents, is located along the Susquehanna River and has lovely rolling hills.  Selinsgrove is home to Susquehanna University and in very close proximity to diverse shopping, entertainment, recreational and leadership opportunities.  The Libraries have an annual budget of $447,000, and a collection size of approximately 65,000 items.

Qualifications:  ALA/MLS, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to problem-solve, make decisions, and to work collaboratively are required.  Current PA Child Abuse Clearance, PA Criminal History Check, FBI Fingerprint Based Record Check, Driver’s License and reliable vehicle are also required.  Experience and unique skills with some of the following are required:  children and youth services, computers and networking, emerging technologies, cataloging, acquisitions, library management and supervision, social media, public relations, fund raising and planned giving.

Deadline:  Applications will be accepted until June 1, 2017.

Salary commensurate with experience, plus medical/prescription/dental/eye/life insurance, as well as short-term and long term disability insurance, retirement contribution and other benefits.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and 3 references to Pamela Ross, Executive Director, Snyder County Libraries, Inc., 1 North High Street, Selinsgrove, PA  17870.  Applications via email should be sent to

2 AmeriCorps Position openings

We are currently accepting applications for 2 AmeriCorps positions, to serve primarily at the Gelnett Library in Selinsgrove.  Both positions begin at the end of August 2017 and involve providing services at the library front desk.  Position 1 also includes providing programming and services related to healthy futures and other educational topics.  Position 2 also includes providing technical support and training to patrons who need help with computers, tablets, phones, email, e-readers, etc.

For more information, please see:

AmeriCorps Position 1

AmeriCorps Position 2

To apply, please contact Pamela Ross, Executive Director, Snyder County Libraries, Inc., 1 North High Street, Selinsgrove, PA  17870 at 570-374-7163 ext. 2 or  Please be prepared to provide 3 references.

College Students
Susquehanna University Students:  
If you are interested in working at the Selinsgrove Library, please contact the SU Financial Services staff at or 570-372-4450.
College Students Who Live Near the Snyder County Libraries:  
If you are interested in working at the library during the school year or summer, you must be qualified for PHEAA work study.  To apply for a job, please contact Pam Ross, Executive Director at 570-374-7163 ext. 2 or

If you are interested in volunteering at the Snyder County Libraries, please fill out and return the following application.

Available here