Staff Members

Staff Members

  • Pamela Ross, Snyder County Libraries Executive Director
    • (570) 374-7163, ext. 2
  • Sherri Sellers, Beavertown Community Library Branch Manager
    • (570) 658-3437
  • Joe Hall, McClure Community Library Branch Manager
    • (570) 658-7700
  • Shirley Carroll, Middleburg Community Library Branch Manager
    • (570) 837-5931
  • Marc Angstadt, Cataloging and Circulation
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 103
  • Bethann Aten, Circulation and Programming
    • (570) 374-7163, ext. 1
  • Lubow Frey, Family Place Coordinator
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 109
  • Janis Gemberling, Finance Assistant
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 104
  • Jeff Kuehnert, Head of Circulation
    • (570) 374-7163 ext. 1
  • Jean Holt, Middleburg Branch Librarian
    • (570) 837-5931
  • Emilee Fitch, AmeriCorps
    • (570) 374-7163, ext. 1

Board of Trustees

Snyder County Library Board of Trustees

  • Bob Bertram (President)
  • Marsha Lemons (Vice President)
  • Heather Rowe (Treasurer)
  • Janet Latchford (Secretary)
  • Jane Faherty
  • Anne Gates
  • Betse Humphrey
  • Brian Knepp
  • Camille Shawver

Position Openings

2 AmeriCorps Position openings

We originally had 2 AmeriCorps positions open, but have filled Position 2.  Position 1 is still open.  We are currently accepting applications for 2 AmeriCorps positions, to serve primarily at the Gelnett Library in Selinsgrove.  The position begins at the end of August 2017 and involve providing services at the library front desk.  Position 1 also includes providing programming and services related to healthy futures and other educational topics.  Position 2 also includes providing technical support and training to patrons who need help with computers, tablets, phones, email, e-readers, etc.

For more information, please see:

AmeriCorps Position 1

AmeriCorps Position 2

To apply, please contact Pamela Ross, Executive Director, Snyder County Libraries, Inc., 1 North High Street, Selinsgrove, PA  17870 at 570-374-7163 ext. 2 or  Please be prepared to provide 3 references.

College Students
Susquehanna University Students:  
If you are interested in working at the Selinsgrove Library, please contact the SU Financial Services staff at or 570-372-4450.
College Students Who Live Near the Snyder County Libraries:  
If you are interested in working at the library during the school year or summer, you must be qualified for PHEAA work study.  To apply for a job, please contact Pam Ross, Executive Director at 570-374-7163 ext. 2 or

If you are interested in volunteering at the Snyder County Libraries, please fill out and return the following application.

Available here