Policies and FAQ

Library Use Policy

  • Patrons must engage only in activities associated with the use of a public library.
  • Noise and other activity must be kept at a level which will not inconvenience other people browsing, reading or working in the Library.
  • Cell phones must be turned off while in the library
  • Library property must be respected by not defacing, damaging it or by creating litter.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the library.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited, except for library-sponsored events and certain group functions in accordance with the Meeting Room Policy.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the library.
  • Loitering, profanity and abusive language, engaging in disorderly conduct, fighting, threatening behavior, intentionally damaging or vandalizing Library and/or personal property including restrooms, harassing any patron or staff member, or stealing library materials/personal property belonging to patrons and/or staff are not permitted in or around the library.
  • Appropriate attire is required, including shirts and shoes.  Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other patrons may be required to leave the building.
  • Sleeping is prohibited in the library.
  • Solicitation is not allowed in the library.  This includes solicitation of signatures on petitions; sales or services of materials; recruitment for employment or other services; public opinion surveys; requests for donations, including receptacles for donations; and requests for monetary or other personal assistance.
  • Prior approval is required for patrons to take photographs, video recordings or audio recordings in the library.
  • Backpacks and other belongings must be taken when owner leaves the building.
  • Children under the age of 6 must be supervised at all times by a responsible person.  Children under the age of 9 cannot be left at the library without a responsible person present in the Library.
  • Sports equipment brought to the Library must be left at the front desk.  (i.e. skateboards, basketballs).  The library will not be responsible for this equipment.
  • Any other behavior that interferes with the library’s purpose as stated above is not allowed.
  • The Executive Director and/or Selinsgrove Library Director, at their discretion, have the authority to enter into a behavioral contract on behalf of the library system with a patron who may otherwise be barred from the library.
  • Any patron not abiding by these or other rules and regulations of the library may be required to leave the library premises.
  • Library employees may contact the local police if deemed advisable.
  • Any patron who violoates these rules and regulations may be denied the priviledge of access to the Library System by the Library’s Board of Trustees, on the recommendation of the Library Executive Director.
  • A patron whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Board of Trustees.


Internet Access Policy

In response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the community, Snyder County Libraries endeavor to develop collections, resources, and services that meet the informational, recreational, and educational needs of community members. It is within this context that the library offers access to the Internet.

Use of the Internet 
Snyder County Libraries has no control over information available on the Internet. Users should be aware that errors, intentional misinformation and material of a controversial nature may be found on the Internet. The library accepts no liability for the content, accuracy, or currency of information found on the Internet. The Internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population and library patrons use it at their own risk.

Parents or guardians, NOT the library or its staff, are responsible for Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parents-and only parents-may restrict their children-and only their children-from access to Internet resources via the library computer. Parents are advised to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

Internet users are expected to be good citizens of the electronic community, abiding by the rules and procedures of the library as well as those of remote systems.

The user may not use the Internet for any illegal activity or place any materials on the Internet related to any illegal activity. Title 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Section 5903 (a) defines offenses:

No person, knowing the obscene character of the materials or performances involved, shall:

1. Display or cause or permit the display of any explicit sexual materials as defined in subsection (c) in or on any window, showcase, newsstand, display rack, billboard, display board, viewing screen, motion picture screen, marquee or similar place in such manner that the display is visible from any public street, highway, sidewalk, transportation facility or other public thoroughfare, or in any business or commercial establishment where minors, as part of the general public or otherwise are or will probably be exposed to view all or any part of such materials.

As a precaution against such illegal use, Snyder County Libraries subscribes to the filtering software “CyberPatrol” AND “Centurion Guard.” However, acknowledging that filtering may block access to legitimate sites, and in compliance with the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, the library does reserve the right to remove the filtering software on a public access computer at an individual’s request.

Furthermore, computers are considered library property and as such are afforded the same protection as other library materials under Section 427 of the Library Code (Act of June 14, 1961, P.O. 324, as amended through July 1, 2000). Any attempt to bypass the virus protection, filtering system or security of the library computers will be interpreted as a violation of this act and will immediately result in a suspension of borrowing and or/Internet privileges.


Wireless Internet Policy

As a service to our patrons with WI-FI (802.11b/g) enabled laptop computers, or other WI-FI enabled communications / computing devices, Snyder County Libraries, Inc. provides open Internet access at our facilities.   Patrons wishing to use the service must comply with our policy and understand the following information:

  • The libraries’ WI-FI connections at this time are provided via open, unsecured wireless networks.  Hence, users should beware and take caution.  Cautious and informed wireless users connecting to open, unsecured networks always ensure their device’s data is secure before connecting, and limit the transmission of credit card information, passwords, or other sensitive personal information.
  • Snyder County Libraries, Inc. will not be held responsible for any of your information that is compromised, or for any damage caused to your hardware or software, due to your use of these open, unsecured wireless networks.
  • The library staff cannot provide tech support services for the use of these networks; such as assisting you in the process of connecting to or using the network.  This includes installing hardware or software on your personally owned equipment to utilize the service.  We will, however, be happy to help you with library resources such as the library catalog, Access PA, and general search-related questions.
  • Laptop computer users must be considerate of patrons nearby and refrain from excessive noise and the displaying of potentially objectionable images.  If you are using your computer in a manner that is inconsiderate of others, a staff member may ask you to end your session.
  • The library does not filter Internet content accessible to patrons who are connected to the libraries’ open, unsecured WI-FI networks – no matter what computer or communications device is being utilized to connect to the networks.  Parents wishing filtered access for their children should direct their children to one of the library’s public access computers, or install and manage filtering software on the child’s computer.
  • Printing is not available while using the wireless networks.
  • Patrons connecting to the Internet via the libraries’ open, unsecured WI-FI networks must comply with all provisions of Snyder County Libraries, Inc.’s Internet Usage Policy and Library Use Policy.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long may I borrow items?

  • Books and audiobooks: 28 days
  • New books and music: 14 days
  • Feature films and children’s videos/DVDs: 7 days
  • Nonfiction videos/DVDs: 14 days
  • Wii games: 7 days
  • Back issues of magazines: 7 days

Please present your library card each visit to borrow items.

May I renew my library books?

All library materials except video/DVDs and Wii games may be renewed twice unless another patron has put a hold on the item. You may renew the item at any Snyder County library, on the phone, or by logging into your account online.

The book I want is not on the shelf. May I put my name on a waiting list?

Items may be placed on “hold” if they are not available when you come to look for them. There is often a waiting list for popular titles. Our staff would be happy to place a hold on an item for you, or you may log into your account online and request items. You will be notified when your item is available and we will hold it for you for five business days.

My items are late. Do I owe a fine?

The library charges fines to encourage prompt return of materials. Daily fines for items are as follows:

  • Books $.10
  • Audiobooks/CDs $.25
  • Videos/DVDs/Wii games $1.00

How many items may I borrow?

  • Videos/DVDs: 3 per card
  • CDs: 10 per card
  • Wii games: 1 per card

The library is not responsible for any damages that may occur to video/DVD or gaming equipment while using library items. We do not limit checkouts of books or audiobooks.

I saw some library books at my post office. May I borrow them?

Books are rotated from our collection to book stops located in post offices and other facilities throughout the county. Large print books are also rotated to stops located in senior citizen centers and apartment complexes. These books are a part of our permanent collection and should be returned promptly to the stop where you borrowed them. Other people are always waiting to borrow books from these convenient locations.

Can you get books from another library for me?

Items not in our collection may be available from another library. The Access PA system links most of the public, academic, and school libraries in Pennsylvania. In most cases, we can request items from them for your use. However, we cannot request feature films or new books through the Access PA system. There is a limit of three items per card at a time. You may request an item through interlibrary loan at any Snyder County Library, by phone, or here.

Where’s your card catalog?

You can access our online catalog here. You may also search the online card catalog at the Selinsgrove Community Library, or by asking a staff member for assistance at any library.

Do you have computers available for use?

All of our libraries have several computers available to the public for use. Many programs are available, including word processing, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Access PA Power Library with thousands of full-text magazine articles, encyclopedias, and other reference materials. All of the Snyder County Libraries also have wireless internet access.

How do I access audiobooks and eBooks?

Click here to access eBranch2Go, the North Central Library District’s collection of audiobooks and ebooks. Use pl3231 followed immediately by your library card number to log in.