Summer Reading is a Snyder County Libraries program designed to encourage children to read – or to be read to – during the summer. It also includes a variety of other educational and fun activities designed to prevent “Summer Slide.”


Registration begins at the 4 libraries and online on Monday, June 7. Activities will occur between June 7 – July 23. Virtual Programming will be released June 14-July 23. Kids will have the chance to “catch up” through August 6. The program is intended for ages birth through twelve years.


Since young children are not yet able to be vaccinated, the 2021 Summer Reading program, Tales and Tails, will be largely virtual, with supplemental  activities designed to encourage families to use the libraries in the manner in which they are most comfortable. Registration and participation may be completed online. Curbside pickup will be available for prizes and craft activities; however, prize selection will be limited for those not coming into the library. It is possible that some additional outdoor programming may occur as the summer progresses.


We will be using the ReaderZone app/website to keep track of kids’ reading and participation, though paper logs are also available for those who prefer them. Kids will have the opportunity to earn prizes, such as books and “brag tags” for their participation. All ages have the goal of reading (or being read to) for 1000 minutes.


We are very excited about the high quality of this year’s virtual programming! Our staff members have been working for months to create a daily “variety show” that is educational and fun for children and their families. There will be 30 of these programs, being released Monday-Friday from June 14 to July 23. They will be available in several ways, including a link on this page, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook group.


Children will have the opportunity to fill out two different bingo cards, one focusing on library usage and one on kindness. They will be given a book of their choice after completing each card. Children will receive 1 brag tag for each 100 minutes they read. To earn extra brag tags, they can come into the library and tell a staff member about a book they read or had read to them. They may earn up to one tag a day this way.


When children register, they will receive a stuffed animal to read to/with. This stuffed animal will also be invited to attend a special sleep over at their library! Kids will also select a book and receive program-related materials.  


We will have weekly craft activities available for pickup at each of our four libraries. Also, at each library, we will be hiding Max the Library Duck in a different location each week, so that kids can come in to hunt for him. They will receive a brag tag once per week for finding him.


Once kids have met their reading goal, they can continue to log their time and earn additional brag tags. As they complete the program, they will receive a certificate, additional brag tags and their choice of a book or trophy.


Registration Option 1

**Registration begins on June 7.**

If you would prefer to register in person, stop by any of the Snyder County Library branches and ask a library staff member for a registration form. Make sure to pick up a paper reading log to record progress toward each reader’s goal. 

Registration Option 2

Just like last year, we will be using the Reader Zone app to track your child’s progress. You can visit them on the web at ReaderZone.com or download the app from one of the places below. If you would like assistance in this process, please feel free to stop by the Snyder County Library branch nearest to you and ask for the assistance of a staff member or just watch this video.

Once you’ve downloaded the Reader Zone app or visited the website, you’ll need to enter this code to join Summer Reading 2021:



Programs and Resources

Over the course of Summer Reading, you may need to access links to several resources. Those links can be found below:

Craft Instructions