Dear Friend,

Since wishing is as commonplace as breathing for us humans, it is not surprising that in our lifetime, we become acquainted with different beliefs that deal with how to make our wishes come true. 

The Japanese have an interesting way of getting their wishes granted, but it isn’t as easy as just wishing on a shooting star; it is a task that requires patience, dedication, and – well – lots of paper.




This is senbazuru, or the art of folding a thousand origami cranes and tying all of them in a string. It is said that those who accomplish this task within a year will have their wish granted.

Snyder County Libraries has been providing a wide range of services and library materials to our community for over 80 years! It costs over $440,000 annually to keep the libraries open and to serve all who enter our doors. This year we will be spending $53,280 on new books, DVDs, magazines, and other materials. Many people don’t have access to a computer, the Internet, or a printer, and we provide all these services. We also offer a variety of programs for all ages, such as Mother Goose on the Loose, storytimes, book clubs, technology lessons, and our summer reading program.

In order to have our wish come true, we at Snyder County Libraries have decided to make our own senbazuru this year, and we need your help! With the Thousand Cranes Fundraiser, our goal is to raise $25,000, so we will add one crane to our display for every $25 donated. In celebration of our donors’ generosity, these cranes will be hung in the Gelnett Library’s central stairwell, as well as the branch libraries, where they may be enjoyed and appreciated by all library visitors. These cranes also offer an opportunity to honor or memorialize loved ones or simply to share your personal support for our libraries. Thank you for helping make our wish come true!



The Board, Staff, and Volunteers of Snyder County Libraries